The best customer service is built on messaging

Communicate with your customers using one inbox for all channels. Work as a team and create the best customer experience with automation and intelligence.

As a full-featured platform, Eazy is ideally suited for your customer service. Connect all your channels like WhatsApp Business, Apple Messages for Business, Twitter, Messenger and more into one inbox.

The Eazy way

We help companies to improve their customer service by providing a ready-to-use platform for conversational messaging. Trusted by 500+ companies worldwide with a strong focus on privacy and security.

Trusted by 500+ companies

One unified inbox for all your channels

Ready to use dashboard and API

Unified inbox

Combine all your channels into one inbox.

Quick replies

Respond faster by using pre-defined quick replies.


Third party chatbot integrations available.


Let your customers choose their favorite channel.

Multi Agent

Work simultaneously with all your colleagues on incoming conversations.

Intelligent Routing

Route conversations to teams or locations based on specific criteria.


Work in teams and reduce waiting time.


Chat with your colleagues without having to use any third-party application.

Eazy Dashboard

Optimize your customer experience and combine your channels into one unified inbox.

Work in teams

Combine all your channels

Use intelligent routing


Team work

No more missed messages or waiting customers. Assignments make it clear who’s responsible. Together, your team can accomplish anything.

Work in teams to optimise your service

Clear overview on who's responsible

Reduce customer waiting time

Drive WhatsApp campaigns

With over 2.5 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp has become one of the world’s most popular messaging apps and is being used not for simple messaging but creating social networks and eCommerce relationships and transactions.

Isn’t it time you considered adding WhatsApp to your marketing campaigns?

Time to add WhatsApp?

Intelligent routing

Save time and resources by intelligent auto-routing options for incoming conversations from different channels to the right agent or team.

Assign incoming messages automatically

Save time

Automate conversations

Apple Messages for Business

Eazy is a verified Messaging Service Provider (MSP) for Apple Messages for Business.

Support for Apple Pay

Compatible with every iOS and macOS device

Verified Messaging Service Provider (MSP)

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Use our Eazy API

Combine your omnichannel messaging channels through one simple API. Take a look at our API and see how it works.

More about our API

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