Some of the frequently asked questions from our customers.



What channels are supported by Eazy?

Currently Eazy allows you to connect the following channels: Apple Messages for Business, Facebook Messenger, Google Business Messages, Instagram, Line, SMS, Twitter, Viber Business, WhatsApp Business, Telegram and Webchat. Customers can also connect their own custom channels. You’ll also have access to new channels as they become available.

Can I get a free trial?

Yes! Get in touch, and let’s get you set up.

Do you support chatbots?

Yes! It is possible to integrate chatbots into the dashboard. For example, the chatbot can initiate the conversation, and as soon as necessary, the chatbot can it hand over to a real agent.


Is it possible to prioritize incoming live chat requests for agents over the requests from other channels?

Yes, agents can use the Priority Inbox feature to prioritize certain channels that are always displayed on top e.g. live chat.

Can I use two-factor-authentication to log in securely?

Yes, you can use 2fa to log in to the Eazy Dashboard. Besides 2fa, Eazy also supports IP whitelisting and Single Sign On to log in securely.

Will Eazy integrate with our CRM?

Yes! Eazy enables information from a CRM can be requested via an API and displayed in the dashboard. Information on the dashboard can also be added/requested on/from the CRM system.

Can I also chat with my colleagues and my team in Eazy?

Yes, in Eazy you can chat 1-on-1 with a colleague, but you can also have internal group conversations with your team.


Where can I find the latest API documentation?

Our fully documented open API and code examples can be found here, on our dedicated developer’s website

Can Eazy integrate with other API's?

To take advantage of all the features that the Eazy API offers, it is best to integrate the Eazy API directly. However, sometimes this is not possible, and you can only use the API that your software package offers. In that case, we can then link and use your API so that you can still use all the advantages of the Eazy platform.


What's included in the Eazy Partner Program?

As a partner you will use the extensive Eazy platform. You can use all modules of the platform and connecting new customers is done in an instant. The dashboard will be delivered in your own look & feel. Logo and various colors can be supplied so that customers can identify your own corporate identity directly recognize. You can also link your own name to the dashboard. In all correspondence (such as emails) with customers will include this name and email addresses being used.

Can I connect my own domain?

Yes! As a completely white-labelled solution with your URL and brand, we can link your domains with SSL certificates to the dashboard so that customers can reach the dashboard under your domain.

How do I connect new customers?

Via the Eazy Partner Portal you as a partner can create customers yourself and manage all settings for customers. This includes settings such as the type of customer (Enterprise, trial account, etc.). But specific limits to the number of channels and / or agents and teams can also be set.

Developer Documentation

Use any programmable language to integrate the communication channels of your choice and connect them into your contact center.


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