Engage with your customers with Apple Messages for Business

Enable over 1.8 billion Apple device users worldwide to discover your brand and start conversations from Siri, Maps, Spotlight and Message Suggest.


Powerful and interactive

Apple Messages for Business is more than just text messaging. It enables a rich user experience bringing features like Apple Pay, authentication and list and date/time pickers.

  • Reach more than 1.8 billion devices worldwide
  • Secure Payment & Authentication
  • Add events to iOS calendar

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Why not take a test drive and find out how Eazy it is to connect with your customers, with access to our dashboard, all of our messaging functionality and API?


Reduce calls with Message Suggest

Message Suggest provides brands with a powerful way to promote messaging as a channel while helping reduce inbound phone calls.

When a customer clicks to contact a phone number registered with Apple Messages for Business the option to message the brand is dynamically presented alongside the click-to-call button.


Integrated in Eazy Dashboard and API

Use our dashboard to get started right away with Apple Messages for Business or integrate our API into your own software.

  • Rich user experience
  • Fast onboarding
  • Verified Messaging Service Provider (MSP)

Developer Documentation

Use any programmable language to integrate the communication channels of your choice and connect them into your contact center.


Get started

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