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Omnichannel Messaging Dashboard

As a full-featured platform, Eazy is ideally suited for your customer service. Connect all your channels like WhatsApp Business, Apple Business Chat, Twitter, Messenger and more into one inbox.

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Optimize your customer experience and combine your channels into one unified inbox.

Unified inbox

Combine all your channels into one inbox.

Optimize your customer experience and combine your channels into one unified inbox.

Custom Channels

Add your existing web chat channel to manage everything in one dashboard.

We offer many levels of customization. Connect your own custom channel in Eazy and handle all your conversations in our dashboard.

CRM integration

Connect seamlessly to your own CRM to maximize the potential.

Use our Eazy API and integrate all your favourite  messaging channels to your CRM and about any system or app you use. This includes web based applications, such as your website, accounting software and other cloud products.


Let your customers choose their favorite channel.

Offer a omnichannel experience through our extensive channel portfolio. Connect your customer service on channels like WhatsApp Business, Apple Business Chat, Twitter, Messenger, Webchat and more.

Multi Agent

Work simultaneously with all your colleagues on incoming conversations.

Reduce customer waiting time by working in teams. Eazy gives you a clear overview on who's responsible and assignments make it clear who’s responsible.


Manage your KPIs.

We know that KPIs are very valuable to manage your organisation’s performance.  We help you to measure relevant information only so you can focus on managing your KPI's.


Work in teams and reduce waiting time.

Work in teams to smartly route your messages to the right department.


Eazy is packed with many features that’ll help you and your team work efficiently and productively together!


Quick replies and WhatsApp templates

Intelligent routing

Quick replies

Respond faster by using pre-defined quick replies.

With Quick Replies, you can create short instant replies that can be selected by your agents. Quick replies are compatible on all channels including the use of sending WhatsApp (media) templates.


Third party chatbot integrations available.

Chatbots will help businesses reduce down on staff required. You could integrate a customer support chatbot in your business to cater to simple queries of customers and pass on only the complex queries to human agents.


Categorize your conversations by using labels.

With labels you can assign meaningful keywords to your conversations in Eazy. Use labels to specifically describe what the  conversation is about. These labels act as a reminder so that you can later remember the contents of the conversation, at a glance.

Artificial Intelligence

Add intelligence to your conversations.

Be there for your customers even when your agents can't. AI chatbots are available any hour of the day to support your customers needs.


Automate conversations with handover to the agents when needed.

Automate conversations for 24/7 availability and cost reduction and use a handover to the agents when needed.

Intelligent Routing

Route conversations to teams or locations based on specific criteria.

Automate responses with intelligent routing and let your agents handle the complex queries.


Chat with your colleagues without having to use any third-party application.

In Eazy you can turn to one tool to quickly reach every member of your team, either individually or in organized groups

Security features

Let your employees sign in with their existing corporate credentials using our Single Sign-On (SSO) integration and manage all your accounts and applications from one place.

Single Sign-On

Two-factor authentication (2fa)

IP whitelisting

IP whitelisting

Allow access from specific locations only.

IP whitelisting is a security feature often used for limiting and controlling access only to trusted users. It allows you to create lists of trusted IP addresses and/or IP ranges from which your users can access Eazy.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two Factor Authentication is available for increased security.

Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of security for your Eazy account designed to ensure that you're the only person who can access your account, even if someone knows your password.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Use Single Sign-On to manage your agents in one place.

The Eazy Sign-On (SSO) service  makes it easy to centrally manage access to your accounts so that your employees can sign in with their existing corporate credentials.

Use our Eazy API

Combine your omnichannel messaging channels through one simple API. Take a look at our API and see how it works.

More about our API

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